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CM2006 Saitek Kasparov Maestro Travel Chess Computer

This product from Chess Baron: Free Shipping for UK. For handheld chess computers - the Maestro is Saitek's strongest and best PDA style chess computer with excellent electronic chess engine. Touch screen displaying game, clocks, evaluation, etc. This electronic chess machine allow every feature normally only seen on expensive desk top models. It has a back light setting and a screen contrast settings and extended range of player strengths. The price and functionality ratio can't really be beaten, i.e. what is available for the price is very good, with significant software strength to boot. Moves are made with a stylus housed integrally. The in-built software allows 100 playing levels to choose from which makes it easy for the novice and challenging for the chess expert. The machine also has a protective cover for easy portability in a jacket pocket. Hints, take-back, game memory, backlight, battery save. Size 130x82mm. Estimated rating 125 BCF/1600 Elo which is enough for the strongest club player.

  • 100 Playing Levels: 60 Fun and 40 Competition
  • Hints, Tips and Coach Mode available
  • Database of most major opening systems
  • 64 Study Positions - see how the experts do it
  • Take-back and replay over 200 moves for experimentation and learning
  • Setup Option - try out new positions and moves
  • Touch Sensor Screen - all on-screen action; no small pieces to move
  • Backlit blue LCD display - clear visibility in all light conditions (with option to turn off to conserve battery power)
  • Stylus housed integrally
  • Protective Cover for added screen protection
  • Built-in Chess Clock
  • Unfinished games held in memory
  • Automatic Power Down feature to save battery life (2 * AAA batteries needed)

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    ChessBaron is genuinely committed to high quality hand carved chess sets and computer chess. Chess products like this, of this level of quality are becoming rarer and rarer in this commoditised world. It's just too tempting to give in to the short term desire for profit and so to skimp on materials to make the item less expensive, cutting this corner and shaving that edge. When our items are shown in future runs of antique roadshow, we intend to be still here, still around for your children and your grandchildren, serving them as we wish to serve you, with integrity, honesty and pride. Not just as buzzwords, but as the guiding principles of our name. We have our grandchildren to think of too.

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