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M2039 Song of Solomon Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces

King Height 6 inch. Base Diameter 1.65 inch. Weighted
This product from Chess Baron: Beautiful ornate design of staunton based chess at it's finest. Don't tell the shoppers looking in our luxury section, but this one is better than the ornate designs that are twice the price of this one. Bud Rosewood. Get that? The rarest wood available has been used to create this innovative set. Rosewood comes in three varieties, Golden Rosewood - or Sheesham is the most plentiful part of the tree, followed by what we call just 'Rosewood', then the root of the tree is the part we call Bud Rosewood, the smallest part, therefore the rarest part, but not just rare - it brings out such rich colours in chess pieces that it tends to be sought after as much as Ebony. Rarity apart, the design of this chess set is an example of chess sets that are set apart by beauty of design. The Song of Solomon is a design of chess sets that is unequalled elsewhere. Speaking of such - we haven't seen this anywhere else. That's why it's a part of our inventory.
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