Chess Shop F.A.Q.

Following are some frequently asked questions relating to the chess shop of ChessBaron. If you have other questions on chess shops fr our chess sets or chess computers please contact us at any time - we'll be happy to address any chess shop concerns or questions you have.

Baron's Chess Shops

We really do aim to make a difference! We beat conventional chess shops not just on price but on the other essential parts of chess shops customer experiences. We have the best quality sets made by the best craftsmen in the best possible country for set manufacturer. We have the best range in the UK we know about in chess shops with over 100 differenct sets accross a diverse price range.

We also beat other virtual chess shops by our excellent pictures of each set. We're amazed that UK chess shops want you to part with significant sums of money on the basis of little more than a thumbnail photo. In this chess shop Baron provides 10 photographs for each set with each perspective having 2 subsequent close-ups where you can really see the detail.

We really care about our products and about our customers and want you to be happy with a quality product from our chess shop. We know you'll be happier than with any other UK chess shop.