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How is ChessBaron chess shop any different than other chess shops?


Look at what's available in modern chess sets. Spend some time seeing other companies and what is offered. Shop around before ChessBaron. First, on the great majority of sites it's difficult to see the quality of the modern chess sets and pieces. Little detail of photography is given and little textual (descriptive) detail is provided to help a decision to be made. However, ChessBaron lets you see details, details and more details of the modern chess sets. We describe the pieces and show many angles of the set. And if that isn't enough, if you don't like the modern chess set when you receive it, you can send it back.

The quality of the modern chess sets we have is unsurpassed. It's no hubris to claim that we have the finest craft masters available. We have sourced the world to find the best price and the best quality for modern chess sets. We've trained our manufacturers to only provide the best and to employ exceptional quality control for the modern chess sets at source - which we then complement with our own quality control.

The difference is in the quality. The difference is in the price. The difference is in the range. The difference is in the company and the attitude. Our modern chess sets will be a wise and perceptive purchase from the Chess Baron.