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What payment methods are possible for the goods in your chess shop?


You can pay for your handmade chess set through a number of means. A recognised credit card can be used over the secure servers of our payment gateway partner - Protx (see Data Privacy and Security). We want to make your purchase of a handmade chess set as easy as possible and without any financial sting. This can be handled by the eCommerce means on the site through our shopping cart. If you are at all unsure of eCommerce through this way, you can call us and provide your details over the phone just like ordering a theatre ticket. We really want you to be happy with your handmade chess set. If you prefer to pay by cheque that's also acceptable - call us to let us know you want to pay by cheque. You can also send cash. Further you can pay gradually by letting us lay away your funds over a period of time if this is a better way of payment for you for your handmade chess set.