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In our endeavor to provide classic chess sets and chess computers, we recognise the importance of privacy and the societal concern to avoid spam, unwanted e-approaches and the growing threat of identity theft. Our purpose is to make available classic chess sets at great low prices that our valued customers will be delighted with. With this purpose in mind and following the principles of Trust-e data privacy, we guarantee not to harvest, sell or otherwise process on any personal information you privilege us with in the course of a purchase of one of our classic chess set products.

Your data remains private and we respect your right to decline communication from us if you so choose. We are in the business of selling excellent quality classic chess sets for remarkably low prices, not passing private information on that would alienate our potential customers and offend principles of privacy that we all, growingly, value.

Trust-e is a symbol signifying data privacy. Displaying this symbol means that the company has met or exceeded requirements imposed for controlling the use of personal data in an e-commerce setting. ChessBaron adheres to it's data privacy responsibility.

In a world of ID theft, the major UK credit agency Equifax has a standard for web sites to adhere to that dismisses the possibility of ID theft through the entry of customer's financial and personal data into an eCommerce site. Both ChessBaron and our payment gateway partner Protx adhere to that web standard. Your data is guaranteed to be safe with us. For proof - look for the https in the URL of the payment gateway (i.e. the site you're transferred to when asked to input your credit card data) - this is a key part of the certifcation required with Equifax for ID safety.

Internet Security

Whilst making sales to our customers of classic chess set, we insist on data security. The Protx payment system uses a combination of established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data. Our internet facing web servers are certified by Verisign, this ensures that no third partiescan impersonate Protx to obtain secure information during any sale of our classic chess sets.