Aristotle Chess Computer Sales Continue

Aristotle Hand Held Chess Computer

The Aristotle is shaping up to be the de-facto hand held chess computer available in the chess computer market. Now that Novag, Saitek and Excalibur have all declared their involvement in the chess computer market to be concluded – there are very few models available. The Aristotle is the strongest computer available and comes with Shredder and Chess Genius to declare war upon you.

The question is… punk…do you feel lucky?

Here’s the offending (and offensive) product: Aristotle Chess Computer.


Wow! New Chess Computer Kicks Ass

Hand Held Chess Computer
The new electronic chess computer from ChessBaron is a game changer with several killer functions in the product. In a genre crying out for better products – this one exceeds all expectations and ticks all required boxes with some more to boot.

The new computer has crystal clear graphics (al last – no more straining to see the pieces), and has several features that really make it stand out from the crowd. There’s a second chess computer engine for variety and a means to play against thousands of online players through the selection of 10, 15, 20 minute times games and other other options too – LIVE against other players! What a killer function. It accomplishes this through WiFi connections.

The other killer function that we’ve been waiting for for years is the rechargable battery pack just like a laptop. Up til now all chess computers have rub either on mains or by battery. When the battery ran out we had to replace them. But this model is rechargable and the battery life is several hours.

OK – here’s the link:


The World Championship Chess Set

World Championship Chess Set

We’re pleased to announce the availability of The World Championship Chess Set. This has been designed around the world championship tournament in which Norwegian Magnus Carlsen has fought for the right to challenge the reigning world champion Viswanathan Anand. With great anticipation, the match will be completed in 2013 in India.

The chess set design is strongly staunton and departs from the norm only in the simplicity of the design and in the colour of the felt underlay (black and white corresponding). It’s an innovative move and the result is something very pleasing to the eye and has a good tactile experience.

Chess for the Blind and Partially Sighted Players

Chess for Blind
New range of chess sets for blind chess players in cooperation with the Braille Chess Association (just two to start with). Here’s the link: Chess for Blind. The sets are designed in accordance with the Braille Chess Assoc. requirements for blind chess: The dark squares are raised so as to be noted by the blind player and the darker pieces have slight spikes (not sharp!) to designate their colour.

The pieces all have dowells and are inserted into a hole which exists in each square. The sets initially come in two sizes – a 10″ square set and a 13″ square set. The cabinet is a fine quality solid sheesham wood and is quite beautiful in appearance.