Large Heavy High Quality Solid Chess Board 2.4 inch Squares




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This product from Chess Baron: A 2.4 inch version of this excellent distinctive chess board in genuine and solid rosewood wood (no veneer, this is solid rosewood!) Very good quality thick and heavy chess board with superb rounded corners and edges. A traditional look and feel for an excellent quality chess board. Any ChessBaron set would be favoured by the board, but it is also very suitable for larger sets. Squares are 2.4 inches.
What has happened to quality these days? Why is everything veneer, hollow, weightless? This board represents quality our Grandparents used to enjoy and expected. It’s NOT made in China, is NOT veneer and is NOT mass produced in any automated process. A craftsman has made the product taking time over every feature and has only released it when he’s satisfied that his reputation will stay intact.
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23 inch x 23 inch. 2.4 inch squares. 1 inch thick. Weight nearly 5kg (11 lbs)

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