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Today’s chess machines have come a long way from electronic chess of old. They have strong but variable strength and are useful in personal game improvement. There’s no such thing as chess computers that are too strong for any player. The software for any machine has settings from ‘novice’ to ‘expert’ so that the computer chess game is enjoyable and meaningful to any player.

Every chess computer has ELO ratings that indicate the maximum machine strength. What is an ELO rating? The English Chess Federation have a rating abbreviated to ECF. This rating multiplied by 8 then adding 600 would result in an equivilent ELO metric. Electronic chess machines that have over 1500 are regarded as strong. We have computers that go up to, and over, 2400 ELO.

Our wide variety of chess computers at ChessBaron range from handheld machines to state-of-the-art serious electronic chess computers for serious game improvement. If you need electronic chess excellence, with a database of significant opening, middle game and end game capacity, choose one of our DGT, Millennium or Aristotle chess computers. We all have to make a living. Make a living as the next Magnus Carlsen!

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    The Aristotle Hand Held Chess Computer – QUAD CORE (CM2028)

    The Aristotle tablet hand held chess computer is the jewell in the crown of electronic chess - and now with ChessBase installed. It is a superb high-spec tablet touch screen chess computer exclusively from ChessBaron. Play in portrait or landscape. You don't have to play at ...

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    DGT Centaur Chess Computer (CM2033)

    The new DGT adaptive intelligent Chess Computer. The Centaur automatically adapts the strength level according to who is playing. With the sensor board you can simply move pieces in a natural way, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player.

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    Chess Computer – The King Performance (CM2034)

    The new chess computer by German manufacturer Millennium. Light comfortable press-sensory real wood board with real wood chess pieces and a natural feel to the game. Each square has 4 corner LEDs to indicate which square to move from and which square to move to. All menus, ...

    List: £499.00 £399.00 View