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Worlds finest Fine Chess Sets from ChessBaron

The worlds finest chess pieces from ChessBaron. In listing luxury chess sets we look for such things as weighting, the material it’s made from, detail, and so on. Most fine sets of chess men such as these have extra Queens for pawn promotion, and are triple weighted (added weight in the base for on-board stability).

Materials used in the manufacture of luxury chess sets are ebony, bud rosewood (also known as redwood), padauk, maple, sheesham, acacia and some others.

Many of our luxurious chess sets have beautiful carved detail. Senior chess artisans work on the knights and oversee the manufacture of the other pieces in the set. Most of them need to have a chess board selected as an extra item.

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    The Tanis Triple Weighted Chess Pieces (X2094)

    The Tanis, made out of solid acacia wood, and triple weighted. Comes with double queens. Nice height of 4", but the king has only 1.5" in diameter. So, a board of 1.75" or greater will be needed. Elegant design, feels great to move across the board, and the weighting assists ...

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    King John Very Heavy Brass Staunton Chess Set (X2026)

    This very heavy brass set has a King that is just over 4 inches in height. The best in brass chess sets we've seen. The heavy pieces feel great. Strong attention to detail with bold design elements. The set is clearly differentiated in colouring for both sides. Over time the ...

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    Limited Edition – The Museum Piazza 6 inch Bone Chess Pieces (X2072)

    NEW and Limited Edition! A superb bone design created with love, dedication and with incredible artistry. The pieces are heavy with the intrinsic weight of the top grade material used. The design is imposing and majestic with a strongly contemporary feel. The board should ...

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