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Most retail outlets don’t market staunton chess pieces with quality and detail anywhere near as high in quality as these chess pieces. ChessBaron has many unique designs to compliment the extensive range of chess computers and chess pieces of which this section is an example. Few people own sets of chess pieces to equal the beauty of each chess piece in this range.

The chess sets have a recommended high quality case. USA users can visit our USA Branch of ChessBaron for a similar range of chess sets, chess boards and much more.

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    American Staunton in Black-Pale Red Gloss Chess Pieces (M2009)

    If Black and White is not your style, how about Black and Red? Think blood, think passion, think victory! Go out there and crush your opponent and win, win, win! And if not, think wine and drown your loses in a nice Merlot. Of course a win might call for a glass as well. ...

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    Large Rosewood Magnetic 14 inch Chess Set (M2095)

    Magnificent combination Large Chess Set with pieces along with board. Magnetic to stay in place, even with an upside down board. The pieces of the chess set are well made with good detail in the design. The chess set measures 7 inches by 14 inches and has very high quality ...

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    Millenium Fret Tower Chess Pieces (M2013)

    Well the Millenium may have past but we still remember the splendour of its entry. These artful sheesham chess pieces combine the ancient art of wood carving with a modern design where east meets west and everyone wins. Tall and upright like spires we could light fireworks ...

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    The Moore Contemporary Chess Pieces (M2041)

    A contemporary chess set with well defined lines, a clean look and chunky modern appeal. Made in sheesham wood and very well crafted. The only contemporary chess set in this mid priced section, we only want to show you the best.

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    Tournament Staunton 4 inch King Chess Set (M2008)

    If you are a dedicated chess player who loves a traditional look or looking for a gift for a friend that they will cherish then this triple weighted Staunton is the set for you. Made of Rosewood and Chidar it is simply glows 'class'. You've moved into the heavyweight ...

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    King Edward 3 inch King Triple Weight Budrose Staunton Chess Pieces (M2037)

    A wonderful smaller high quality chess set. Great detail on the knight showing high quality of workmanship in carving. This Jaques style comes in three King sizes, the 4 inch and the 5 inch. For lovers of Staunton this set has no equal in it's size and quality. The wood is ...

    List: £169.00 £99.00 View
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    Hannah Bud Rosewood Staunton 3.5 inch King Chess Pieces (M2038)

    The Hannah comes in more than one type - this is the rich coloured Bud Rosewood 3.5 inch King version - a magnificent example of staunton at it's finest. Rarely can there be found a bud rosewood triple weighted and felted staunton chess set at this price, it's stunning and ...

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    The Rebecca in Red and Black (M3055)

    A stunning colour contrast in Red and Black, in a set of high quality chess pieces. The Rebecca is a beautifully designed set of chess pieces. The King stands at 3.75 inches high, so is considered a full sized chess set. The width of the King of 1.65 inches means that the ...

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    Hannah Staunton in Bud Rosewood 4 inch King Chess Pieces (M2040)

    Of all the gin joints in all the world, you'll never walk into any of them to find a better value chess set than this product. Ready? 4 inch King, Double Queens, Triple weighted and the rarest of woods with the richest of colours - bud rosewood, the base of the rosewood ...

    List: £195.00 £139.00 View
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    Hungarian Contrast Ebonised Chess Pieces (M3015)

    New! Beautiful weighted ebonised chess set with ergonomic design features and cute contrasting bishop pieces. Weighted (somewhere netween double and triple) and double Queens with a 1.6 inch diameter base - thats the King. Feels great in the hand and great to place that ...

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    Large Staunton – 6 inch King Chess Pieces (M2031)

    A staunton set Jim, but not as we know it'. Much better than the pictures suggest - a large staunton chess set with huge pawns, chunky art deco knights (generally art deco inspired design), great feeling rooks and ooooh... tall Kings! Not a strict staunton devotee? Like ...

    List: £189.00 £149.00 View