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Most retail outlets don’t market staunton chess pieces with quality and detail anywhere near as high in quality as these chess pieces. ChessBaron has many unique designs to compliment the extensive range of chess computers and chess pieces of which this category is an example. Few people own sets of chess pieces to equal the beauty of each chess piece in this range.

The chess sets have a recommended high quality case. USA users can visit our USA Branch of ChessBaron for a similar range of chess sets, chess boards and much more.

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    Mughal Aftab Special Carved Chess Set (M2007)

    You'll need to look at our image closeups to see how fabulous the design on these chess pieces is. While not as 'intense' as the carvings on the M2002, this set has an equal appeal to anyone who admires wood carving. At first glance you feel that no two chess peices are the ...

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    Baron Royal Chess Set (M2006)

    Can you be more Royal than a Baron? We like to think not! Rareity should count (pun intended) for something surely? And rare indeed are these chess pieces within the Staunton genre. With detailed carving that shows to particular advantage on the honey colored chess pieces, ...

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    The Eastern Testament Chess Set – Double Weighted in Acacia (M2096)

    New product. Beautifully styled chess set made in Acacia wood and double weighted for excellent on-board stability. It demonstrates artistic curved lines that results in something very pleasing to the eye, and feeling great in the hand. The king is 4" high and 1.25" base ...

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    The Globe Chess Pieces (M2051)

    New design. Unusual example of a staunton chess design that has a wonderful feel in the hands. Made in solid sheesham wood with a real flair of design, The Globe is guaranteed to strike an individualistic note and be the talking point for the lounge. It appeal is... well, global.

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    Globe Fret Weighted 5.5 inch King Chess Pieces (M2029)

    The big brother of the M2010, these lovely proportioned pieces display fine wood carving at its best. Intricate detail blends with smooth lines to create a variation on classic that is hard to resist! Looking for something different but not too different? Then look closely ...

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    The Moore Contemporary Chess Pieces (M2041)

    A contemporary chess set with well defined lines, a clean look and chunky modern appeal. Made in sheesham wood and very well crafted. The only contemporary chess set in this mid priced section, we only want to show you the best.

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    Roly Poly Sheesham Chess Set 4″ King (M2098)

    Innovative chess design - full size delightful chess set made in solid sheesham wood. A joy to hold and move across the board. It's staunton Jim, but not as we know it. Full size King. Unweighted, but solid with good intrinsic weight.

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    Manopoulos Full Size Chess, Draughts and Backgammon Combined (BG2030)

    Chess, Backgammon or Draughts? Why not a choice of all? Manopoulos have produced this combination wooden product in full size (20in). Beautiful backgammon stones which double as draughts pieces and chess pieces all included. A wonderful product and well presented by the ...

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    The Rebecca in Sheesham (M2055)

    Made in Sheesham - the Rebecca is a beautifully designed set of chess pieces. The King stands at 3.75 inches high, so is a full sized chess set. The width of the King makes the set require a board with close to 2 inch squares.

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    Margaret Anne Knight Staunton 3 inch King – Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces (X3001)

    This set is wonderful as a smaller high quality chess set. The detail on the knight proves the high quality of workmanship in carving. This style comes in three King sizes (as will be displayed further down), the 3.5 inch and the 4 inch. For lovers of Staunton this set has ...

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