World Chess Ltd – 12″ Travel Chess Set





World Chess Travel Set — a wonderful magnetic travel set and a pleasure to play the game of Kings with. Inspired by the iconic World Chess design, it’s handmade, and provides convenience and portability. It will likely become a perfect travel companion wherever you go for your chess. The chess pieces are made of boxwood, the board is walnut and maple. It’s magnetic. This allows play without worrying about losing those pieces. They’r made with magnetized bottoms to adhere firmly to the magnetic board. The felt on the bottom of the pieces and inside the box has a black color traditional in official World Chess products.

World Chess Ltd video of the set is HERE

— Board size 12’x12′ inches (31×31 cm)
— Square size 1.2’x1.2′ inches (3.1×3.1 cm)
— King height 2.2′ inches (5.5 cm),
— Total weight of the set is 1.3 kilos
— Extra queens? Yes. Included
— Material: boxwood (pieces), walnut/maple (chessboard)


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