DGT Electronic Boards


The company recognised for it’s innovation in electronic chess boards, DGT, now has a new range available including a Bluetooth range with improved Rosewood boards.

The DGT electronic boards play through your PC computer, acting as an accurate and fast chess move input device for your computer, interacting with chess software you have installed on your computer such as Fritz and many others (Fritz is included with each of the electronic boards below). Play with a choice of styles of genuine wood against your chess program or an internet opponent. The boards are also now in a choice of rosewood, wenge or walnut. They’re also ideal for tournament presentations.

The modern, reliable, sensor technology recognizes each piece accurately and fast. Each piece is identified by color and type. This gives you extra reliabilty in fast blitz games and makes setting up chess positions very easy. Each machine has an internal memory (for 500 moves). Three connection types are now available to your PC, Bluetooth, USB or Serial Port. Please call us if you require TOMA licenses (for broadcasting matches).

Each product bundle we show includes an option for a DGT XL Clock – the only electronic timer for this type of e-board. The optional clock is available in red or beige.

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