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This product from Chess Baron: The new chess computer by German manufacturer Millennium. Comfortable press-sensory real wood board with real wood chess pieces and a natural feel to the game. Each square has 4 corner LEDs to indicate which square to move from and which square to move to. All menus, aids and texts on the integrated 5-line display are displayed in 7 possible languages, all easily selected. Many strength settings suitable for beginning players and children through to Grandmasters. Hints, Warnings and training.

Techies: Maximum strength 2400 elo. Optionally switchable chess coach warns against bad moves, offers take-backs and makes suggestions for improvements.
Selection of different opening books. Via USB can save in PGN and load external PGN.
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Square Size 4cm (1.6in). Playing Area 32cm (13in). Whole Board Size 43cm (17in) x 39cm (15in)

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