Millennium eONE Electronic Chessboard




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Play chess online via the free Millennium ChessLink app (iOs or Android) with a real board and real weighted chess pieces. The German MILLENNIUM eONE is an electronic chess board specially designed for players who like to play online chess with millions of human chess players always available. Moves are entered comfortably on the electronic sensor board with real pieces. The moves are transmitted in real time via Bluetooth or USB to compatible apps, online platforms or chess programs. The opponent‘s move is displayed directly on the board using LEDs (4 per square)., Lichess or You can also use chess programs such as BearChess, Arena, LucasChess, Shredder and HIARCS.
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Unit measures 12.2 x 12.2" Square size 1.3", Weighs 932g,
King Height 2.2", Replaceable battery

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