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This product from Chess Baron: The Rolls Royce of chess computers! If you’re looking for a good sized chess computer with well sized weighted pieces and a full auto-sensory board – this one is our pick for the ‘best of the best’, our recommendation in high end desktop chess computers. The Grandmaster is not the most expensive computer but is generally referred to as the Rolls Royce of desktop electronic chess throughout the industry. The reason for this accolade is the effortless feel of the generously sized pieces with a satisfying machine tracking noise indicating an acceptable move – a real pleasure to play. Fully auto-sensory board, weighted pieces, 4 inch (almost) King and full size playing surface (nearly 2 inch squares). Selective Search rating estimate 155 BCF/1840 Elo. The machine looks great when set-up and a total pleasure to play on. Enjoyable hobby through to club strength program. Here’s the full spec.

  • World’s first auto sensory board with actual vinyl surface used in tournament play.
  • Super strong chess program capable of beating over 95% of all chess players. Estimated rating of 2200 master-strength.
  • Two large LCD displays with dual chess clocks and countdown timer shows your every move, hints, warnings, and scores 100 levels of play, plus 5 teach modes, 32 book opening trainers.
  • 1 or 2 person play mode with scoring, hints and analysis.
  • Saves game in memory for future use
  • Official tournament size weighted chess pieces
  • Relive and study 32 of the worlds greatest chess games!
  • Replay the most instructional chess games of all time!
  • Equalizer – allows beginners to play on par with advanced players through the assistance of the computer.
  • Enhanced teaching mode enables each player to track their scores as well as receive hints.
  • Light touch auto sensory move entry system, just like playing a normal game with a human
  • Unique durable vinyl surface with magnetic sensors to accurately track every move.
  • Informative LCDs – two large informational displays – one for each player where needed.
  • Runs on Mains Adaptor -or- 4xAA batteries allowing 25 hours of playing time.
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    Excalibur Grandmaster 747K User Manual Download

  • Specification

    Overall Dimensions 46cm x 46cm (18 X 18 inches)

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