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This product from Chess Baron: Pocket Fritz 2 is a chess partner with mobility built in. This version of Pocket PC Fritz 2 is much stronger than its predecessor and has an estimated blitz performance rating of 2450 Elo. The younger sibling of the worlds strongest chess program has made great strides in the area of design, functionality and user-friendliness. New pieces and board colours, formatted, colour-coded notation together contribute to high clarity. The moves of the computer as well as hints and threats are displayed with coloured arrows. Pocket Fritz 2 has many diverse playing levels that make it an entertaining opponent, while the database functions and new commentary options also fulfil the needs of professional players. Here’s an Enhanced Picture of the program running within a Pocket PC.The program gives you mobile access to the ChessBase Online database with well over two million games. Other new functions: extended, user-friendly move entry and annotation; automatic game replay with adjustable speeds; special energy-saving mode for strong battery life. A weakness of the prior version was that you could not delete or replace games from within the program. Now this is very simple to do. At the same time the dialog screens for loading and saving games has become much more intuitive to handle. You can enter the Elo rating of players and also use that in the search.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Pocket Fritz 2 runs on Pocket PCs with Windows CE 3.0 or Pocket PC 2002 and is installed through a CD ROM – typically through a desktop through to your pocket PC.
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