Coiled Orthodox Weighted Chess Pieces




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This product from Chess Baron: When you look at these ramrod straight pieces, you immediately think ‘Orthodox’ is a pretty good name for them. Unlike their Staunton fellows, they deviate from the rounded design to create an almost military correctness that says stand up, pay attention but not quite ‘salute!’. Not surprisingly the King is a good 4 inches with a 1.3 inch base requiring a 1.5 inch board and all chess pieces are double weighted.
The Knights are particularly intriguing with their ‘beards’ which join their heads to their chests – again very orthodox in nature. The carvings on their bodies are certainly reminicent of church pillars so ‘silence please’ is probably more like it. Of course we all need some quiet when contemplating that next strategic move. And a move on these chess pieces would never be a bad decision.
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King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.3 inch Double Weighted 54g.

Balance: 0.24

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