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This product from Chess Baron: Can you be more Royal than a Baron? We like to think not! Rarity should count (pun intended) for something surely? And rare indeed are these chess pieces within the Staunton genre. With detailed carving that shows to particular advantage on the honey coloured chess pieces, this chess set has not only been carefully designed, it has been carefully balanced. Designed in the Staunton genre, this unusual set has an unexpectedly ornate carved design. The 3.75 inch King has a wide base of 1.6 inches and weights in at 44g! Sturdy is not the word for it. Often sets of this nature fail to have good auxiliary weighting which means they can be easily knocked over. Not this set! The combination of design and base weight take care of that. While the elaborate carving makes all chess pieces in this set equally appealing, it is the flashing eyes of the Knights that says this set is no push over. This set needs a 1.75 inch board.

NOTE: The chess board is not included – this is a separate purchase.


King Height 3.75 inch. Base Diameter 1.6 inch. Double Weighted 44g

Balance: 0.33

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