Bold Chess – American Staunton in Black and Red




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This product from Chess Baron: If Black and White is not your style, how about Black and Red? Think blood, think passion, think victory! Go out there and crush your opponent and win, win, win! And if not, think wine and drown your loses in a nice Merlot. Of course a win might call for a glass as well. Like to be different? Think Red might be the new White? Then how about this Black and Pale Red set? With a better gloss than any car duco, this set gleams a fashion statement in any room. The pastel colour resonates with a passion that clearly shows the battle will be on once you line these chess pieces up. And if things gets heated and the pieces fall then watch out for that Persian rug. These colours will blend so nicely you’ll have to roll around a bit just to find them. With a 3.75 inch king with a 1.6 inch base this heavily weighted set requires a board of 1.75 inch squares. Don’t forget to celebrate the fall. Bottoms up!
NOTE: This one alone of the Bold collection has single Queens.
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King Height 3.75 inch. Base Diameter 1.6 inch. Heavily Weighted 70g

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