Canon in Golden Rosewood Chess Pieces




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This product from Chess Baron: Life might be ‘too short for chess’ but when facing the Rook-turned-Canon of this chess set, you may feel that life might be just short – period! With chess pieces marked clearly for business, this set is not about target practice, it’s about winning! Are those targets carved on these chess pieces? Who knows! But with these novel cannon shaped Rooks you sure have to wonder! And not only have the Rooks taken on an unusual role, the Pawns themselves have deviated from the norm to show animated little faces. Of course the Knights are not amused – they look quite grumpy but the King and Queen rise above all this frivolity and display appropriate grandeur with elaborate skirt carving along with wonderfully detailed crowns. The King is a 3 inches on a 1.25 base which requires a 1.5 inch square board.
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King Height 3 inch. Base Diameter 1.25 inch. Double Weighted 35g.

Balance: 0.333

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