Globe Fret Weighted 5.5 inch King Chess Pieces





This product from Chess Baron: The big brother of the M2010, these lovely proportioned pieces display fine wood carving at its best. Intricate detail blends with smooth lines to create a variation on classic that is hard to resist! Looking for something different but not too different? Then look closely at the chess pieces in this set. Named after their round bodies, this set demonstrates the skill of the masters who crafted it. Detailed carving, not unreminisent of M2002, creates round globe bodies sitting on classic bases. The heads of the chess pieces are set neatly on the globes and the overall proportions of each design is simply delightful. And that delight can be seen in the face of the Knight whose fetching smile clearly shows if ever a chess set was longing for a friendly game it is this one. With a 5.5 inch King, it is larger than the M2010 and double weighted. This set requires a 1.75 inch board.
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King Height 5.5 inch. Base Diameter 1.5 inch. Double Weighted 62g.

Balance: 0.39

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