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This product from Chess Baron: ‘A staunton set Jim, but not as we know it’. Much better than the pictures suggest – a large staunton chess set with huge pawns, chunky art deco knights (generally art deco inspired design), great feeling rooks and ooooh… tall Kings! Not a strict staunton devotee? Like something similar yet different? Pawns larger than most Kings but still comfortable on a board with 2 inch squares. A Philippino chess piece design with their rounded bases and smooth lines. With a King that rises above them all at 6 inches this set has a commanding presence and is especially suitable for equally tall people who find playing with smaller pieces ‘fiddley’. A clean design with smooth lines, these Philippino chess pieces are a good alternative to the traditional Staunton. Each piece has its unqiue appeal. Look at the design of the King and Bishop chess pieces which are highlighted by a series of mid discs as well as the button-tiered Rooks and fine detail on the Knights. The chess set is large but graceful and requires a board with 2 inch squares.
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King Height 6 inch. Base Diameter 1.8 inch. Double Weighted

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