King Cross Staunton in Bone Chess Set




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This product from Chess Baron: Remarkably carved luxury bone chess set. The detail in carving of the bone is nothing short of remarkable. The material is difficult to work with and the skilled bone craftsmen have created something truly beautiful with the material. Expect natural blemishes on the surface with bone which enhances the set as a genuine product with the authentic battle scars of life. (I wonder if I can get my bones used to create a beautiful bone chess set after I’m gone?). The whole set takes two weeks to carve and finish completely and is a masterpiece of workmanship. Note the king (standing 3.75 inch tall) and queen for the detail in carving and marking. The staunton style is retained with a flourish of artistry to produce an outstanding example of luxury chess sets. The knight is petite and appears delicate yet is robust and durable because of the material of camel bone. Now look at the rook. This nicely shows intricate detail from the base through to the top. The Kings Cross special is a luxury chess set to pass through the generations of your family. The board size for this set should have squares of around 1.75 inch squares.
NOTE: The Board/Mat is a separate purchase.


Bone. King is 1.4" Diameter, 3.75" High.

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