Exotic Christina Staunton in Camel Bone Chess Set




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Obituary: Percy the Camel much missed and loved by all. Born 14-Feb-1972. Died 17-Mar-04. We’ll never forget you Percy – you were more than a camel to us – you were a friend and companion. We love you so much we’ve used your bones to make a camel bone chess set out of you – so that we can remember you forever. You’ll be passed down from generation to generation because we know your bone is durable, natuarally dense and perfect for carving into the intricate shapes needed for luxury chess sets. We know your bones bear the scars of life and each bone marking we’ll revere to honour your memory. We know this marks your precious bones as authentic, making the difference between the real material and synthetic. We’ve placed exotic markings on your bones and named it Christina (well, let’s face it Percy, who’d buy an exotic chess set called ‘Percy’?). Your chess set will need a board with 1.75 inch squares. Goodbye Percy – we’ll always remember you – you’re with us forever.
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King Height 3.8 inch. Base Diameter 1.25 inch. Weight 47g.

Balance: 0.46

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