Margaret Anne Knight Staunton Bud Rosewood 3.5 inch King Chess Pieces





This product from Chess Baron: This is the Bud Rosewood version of the Stallion Knight, a magnificently well defined luxury chess set. The middle King height of the Stallion Knight series, this luxury chess set is beautiful as an example of much more expensive chess sets. Luxury chess sets like this are for sale in chess boutiques for three and four times the price. The weighting for this 3.5 inch Stallion Knight is perfect – triple weighted. The wood is bud rosewood – the most sought after and rare type of wood. The detail in the knight is very precise and the staunton tradition maintained throughout the luxury chess set. The board selected for this set should have 1.75 inch or 2 inch squares.
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King Height 3.5 inch. Base Diameter 1.5 inch. Triple Weighted 50g

Balance: 0.14

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