Sinead Staunton in Ebony Chess Pieces




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This product from Chess Baron: The Ebony version of the Sinead, the most sought after wood. A luxury chess set by any standard. Triple weighted with four queens. Ebony is the more sought after wood for chess pieces and we have maintained the Ebony version at the same price. The King is 4 inch in height and has magnificent detail in carving. One excellent feature of good luxury chess sets is the detail in the teeth of the knight. There is a slight rustic nature in this set. The nostrils are carved individually – each piece in the luxury chess set is unique, but the staunton style is adhered to – it’s a skillful tweak of innovation. The ruddy colour of the set gives the look of an expensive chess set, but the rustic tweak gives the set a leading edge. The board for this luxury chess set should have 2 inch squares, and would benefit from a board with a hint of blackness to highlight the set’s Ebony colour.
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King Height 4 inch. Base Dia 1.7 inch. Triple Weighted 90g

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