Baron Ultimate Staunton in Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces




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This product from Chess Baron: The awsome Baron Ultimate. This is the Bud Rosewood version of the remarkable X2019. You’ll love it or hate it, but to anyone it’s nothing short of a work of art. It’s made in the finest and the most beautiful wood. The design humbles us – the Ultimate is beautiful, majestic and gives perspective. The architectural craftsman that thought through this chess design with the sizing of the pieces and the Bud Rosewood material deserves honour indeed. It’s not just a chess set, it’s a historical work of art that will, like a Henry Moore sculpture or a Michaelangelo painting, appreciate over time and be valued by successive generations. The golden hues of the wood colouring are exquisite. The Bud Rosewood material (from the root of the Rosewood tree) is highly polished to lift the depth of colour that makes this wood the sought after material it is. The board for this luxury chess set needs to be one with 2 inch squares to do justice to the piece sizes.
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King Height 6 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted 127g.

Balance: 0.13

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