Limited Edition King Arthur in Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces




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This product from Chess Baron: The Bud Rosewood limited edition King Arthur chess set. Only 10 will be made. Each set carries it’s own certificate signed by the author – Avtarjeet Dhanjal. It also comes with an inspiring book written by the author. This set of chess pieces is in pure grade bud rosewood (also called budrose or red sandalwood) and is carved with great detail. The design of the set is not limited to the knight. Every piece has been thought through and designed by Avtarjeet both individually and holistically. The King Arthur is quite possibly the finest chess set available in the world market. A superb case comes with the set as pictured.
Here’s an example of the artists book and limited edition certificate of authenticity (the example is for the Sir Lancelot set in the range) with the number of the set, that comes with this remarkable chess set:

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King Height 4.5 inch. Base Dia 1.8 inch. Weight 114g. Includes Case

Balance: 0.18

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