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C.T from Bradford, W.Yorks - ChessBaron Chess Sets

Customer: C.T from Bradford, W.Yorks

Email to us: I wasn’t actually looking for a better chess set when I found myself on the site. But I was really impressed with the range and the quality of the chess sets available and tempted by a great price on a real ebony wood set. I’d been living quite happily for all these years without owning a high quality chess set, but after experiencing the wonderful look and feel of this set, I ended up buying a board too and even a second luxury set in bud rosewood.

Perhaps you’re thinking I’m some kind of rich or extravagant person, but it’s really not the case. However, I get a lot of pleasure from chess, which must be one of the cheapest hobbies there is. How much do golfers, music lovers or football fans spend on their passions each year? I reckon there comes a time in life when a chess enthusiast can justify buying good equipment.

What difference does it make using a fine chess set? I can tell you, it is extremely pleasant making moves with triple weighted, well-balanced pieces. They just feel so good in the hand. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship is superb and the mind is excellently refreshed from the effort of calculation or planning by admiring the way the light shines off the wood, particularly the dark woods which have tremendous depth to them. The grain of the wood, and variation within each piece are also very appealing to the eye. And the pieces themselves exude a power and presence that really enhances the experience of playing chess.

I found ChessBaron to be particularly good place to buy this kind of stuff from. Apart from the massive range of high quality equipment, they offer great customer service and a reassuring no quibble returns guarantee. They are connoisseurs, and decent folks too. I think I can now live without adding to my collection of luxury chess sets, but if you love chess and don’t have one already I can strongly recommend this supplier.