decorative chess pieces in shiloutte form
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P.Y from Palmers Green, London - ChessBaron Chess Sets

Customer: P.Y from Palmers Green, London

Email to us: I ordered the E2009 – Staunton Popular Triple Weight Chess Set, with accompanying board and case. I was emailed a tracking number for a package that had next day delivery – i was impressed – i could tell chessbaron took every customer as an individual and my package had priority because of how early i had ordered it; it arrived WITHIN their 5-working-day-delivery policy! The package arrived today, a very large card board box. The contents (mentioned above) were very well packaged – boxes and bubble wrap galore! I immediately unwrapped and set out the board and pieces to their respective places, all the while admiring their grain and uniformity. I loved the board, closed it is smart and refined, open it is indulging and deluxe. Even the CASE was exciting, large panels of solid wood with an amazing grain which rivaled the beauty of the pieces – definitely worthy-enough to house them. All in all, I had paid £100 for a chess set that I hope I will pass down through my family for generations to come, it was what i like to call an “investment”.