decorative chess pieces in shiloutte form
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S.T from Isle of Skye - ChessBaron Chess Sets

Customer: S.T from Isle of Skye

Email to us: Just a quick note to thank you for the delivery of the wonderful set.
It is perhaps easy to forget that in today’s material world that things can still be a true work of art. This set is one of them. Absolutely fantastic is it’s simplicity and yet beautifully crafted with elegant lines and detail.
The true wonder of the set, however, is in the playing. A joy to watch the pieces move across the stunning board (I would recommend that all potential buyers get the suggested board!). it seems a shame to take them! especially the knights.
The rosewood pieces are fantastic and compliment the creamy white pieces well. I will enjoy it for years to come.
Thank you all once again.

Ed: You’re wondering which set he had aren’t you? It’s the Bronte Chess Set. A museum piece if ever we saw one.