Manopoulos Burl Walnut Backgammon – 60cm x 48cm




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This Backgammon product from ChessBaron: Made by the world recognised Backgammon manufacturer Manopoulos. A beautiful Backgammon set made in Greece. Manopoulos know how to make beautiful products. The set includes dice and doubling cube, felt lined shakers and exquisite 36mm wood stones. It also features a high quality Burled Walnut wooden case with Burled Walnut Playing surface with Oak and Wenge points constructed using professional grade Marquetry techniques. It results in a distinctive and attractive design. This set also includes a carry bag for easy transport and safe storage of set. Measures 48 x 60 x 4 cm when open Handmade quality using sustainable woods. Because we know you care – we care, Buy peace of mind. Buy ChessBaron Backgammon (See! It rhymes).


60cm x 48cm. Stunning – from Manopoulos

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