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    Backgammon 12 Inch or 34cm x 30cm (BG2005)

    Medium size Backgammon complete set. Measures 12 inches by 7 inches when closed, and obviously 12 inches by 14 inches when opened. It's slightly oblong because of the allowance for the stone placement outside the board area. Board and pieces made in solid sheesham.

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    Solid Acacia Combination 14 inch Chess Set (E2019)

    Excellent value chess set with no ounce of veneer. A solid rosewood chess cabinet solid rosewood carved pieces that will endure years of chess playing. The sturdy rosewood board sits flat on a table or surface. The pieces are classic staunton and are individually carved from ...

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    Highest Quality Combination Chess, Draughts, Backgammon (BG2003)

    An amazing product! Solid Acacia wood and superbly made. Backgammon, Chess and draughts combined magnetic for on board and play stability. Measures 12 inches by 6 inches when closed, and obviously 12 inches square when opened. Play chess or backgammon or draughts (aka ...

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    The Philippian Tower Staunton (E2018)

    A magnificent set striking a difference. With an impressively sized King and equally distinctive graceful Queen, this Staunton chess design sets itself apart from the crowd. With a combination of both upward and downward curves, the entire chess set promotes a substantial ...

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    Ebony and Maple Solid Chess Board 2″ Squares (B8035)

    Contemporary design solid chess board made in maple (the light squares) and solid Grade One ebony (the dark squares). The absence of a border means the overall width can be kept small (smaller coffee tables, etc.), but the square size still able to accommodate most chess ...

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    Large Marble Chess Table with Chess Pieces (M3001)

    Very heavy solid marble chess table standing 23 inches high. The whole product comes together with the solid, heavy and large chess pieces, which has a King at 3.5in height. A most beautiful product and an heirloom of the finest quality. For inside or outside. The pictures ...

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