DGT 2010 Digital Chess Clock




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This product from Chess Baron: The DGT2010, as successor to the DGT2000, offers proven top-quality and is the prime chess clock/timer used in official chess tournaments all over the world. The new look is much improved and the model remains approved by the FIDE organisation and has been the most successful official tournament chess clock in the last decade. Enhanced Picture The DGT2010 is the leading FIDE approved electronic clock with all the traditional time controls, plus Fischer and Bronstein modes. Width: 19.5 cm, height: 5.5 cm, depth: 10.7 cm. It has:

  • 12 different timing methods, 32 presets, manual+L18 set, and supports multiple timing periods
  • The easily hittable tumbler, shows side to move, visible from up to 20 meters
  • Created in cooperation with the World Chess Federation (FIDE)
  • The new model has the following attributes:

  • Larger displays with more info in display
  • Much easier to program
  • Buzzer function
  • Only 2 batteries (included in this price)
  • New lever mechanism
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    Width: 19.5 cm, height: 5.5 cm, depth: 10.7 cm

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