Solid Wood Enhanced Quality Chess Clock with Pedestal




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This product from Chess Baron: Free Shipping for UK. Well made wooden tournament clock made in light solid wood with pedestal. Very reliable and made with quality components to last. Originally engineered for reliability. Then re-engineered to add higher quality parts for durable accuracy. Mechanical, so no batteries needed. Made to keep going for 100,000 miles just like an old Mercedes.

  • Light wood high quality cabinet with Pedestal
  • Two large easy-to-read faces
  • Large, bright red Flags
  • The housing is uniquely molded to allow the clock to sit at a slight angle for better, non-glare viewing
  • A true mechanical clock that uses no batteries
  • 5.75 inch x 3.125 inch x 1.5 inch / l lb in weight
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    Solid Wood – Mechanical – Sturdy – Reliable

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