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This product from Chess Baron: The Aristotle tablet hand held chess computer is the jewell in the crown of electronic chess – and now with ChessBase installed. It is a superb high-spec tablet touch screen chess computer exclusively from ChessBaron. Play in portrait or landscape. You don’t have to play at maximum strength, but using the latest in ARM chip technology – at the highest setting the Aristotle will beat most of the worlds chess players. It can be set down a few notches for us mere mortals.
1. Analyze the strength of your moves through the computers analysis engine.
2. Optionally connect online and select timed or untimed games against any of thousands of other players accross the world.

Here is a list of Aristotles superb features:

  • Now upgraded to a QUAD CORE processor!
  • Play in Portrait or Landscape
  • Mains adaptor for recharging is included free
  • Superb Graphical Display – extremely clear and backlit
  • Chess engine is max 2600 elo
  • Strength can be set low for beginners
  • A second chess engine for variety
  • An extra analysis utility for moves – analysed from two chess engines
  • Option to play against any of 1000s of other players online at any time – or just stick with the main computer
  • Screen is 15cm x 8.5cm. Overall is 18cm x 12cm
  • Fits in a jacket pocket
  • Retains game after switching off
  • Set up positions
  • All other typical chess computer functions

Chess Baron Chess: Because we know you care – we care. Buy Peace of mind – Buy Chess Baron.


ELO 2600 Max, Portrait or Landscape, Screen 15cm x 8.5cm, Rechargable. Upgraded to Quad Core!

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