Monarch Staunton Ebonised Chess Pieces




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This product from Chess Baron: If you prefer a darker wood then these chess pieces may be just the right style for you. Again we have the benevolent Knights giving us that warm and fuzzy feel. Made from Blackened Chidar these chess pieces demonstrate how black is beautiful. The entire set generates a warmth that is embodied in the almost fatherly expression of the Knights – this is the kind of guy you want as a mate! This is a lovely masculine set. Smooth lines (dare we say clean shaven?) shining knights meld well with the overall traditional design making this set an ideal gift for a male. The use of leather rather than the usual of felt bottoms just adds to the appeal. Whether for yourself or for your ‘more mature’ man, this set says ‘reliable’ but not ordinary. And if that does not say ‘Gift for Dad’ then what does? The King measures 3.75 inches requiring a board of 1.75 inch squares.
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Double Weighted. King Height 3.75 in. King Dia 1.6 inch. Ebonised

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