Great British Chess Triumphs – Chess DVD




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This product from Chess Baron: Once again Impala brings chess fans incredible archive footage for decades feared lost of British wins by Nigel Short, Tony Miles and Jon Speelman against two of the greatest world champions. The DVDs feature the players own remarks and has an overall commentary by GM Ray Keene.

  • DVD One: Miles beats Karpov (1983). Miles beats Karpov in a brilliant cliffhanger but was then derpived of his moment of glory when BBC technicians went on strike and refused to screen the game. Impala has no located long lost footage of this incredible win in archives in Berlin and for the first time this historic Black win by Miles is presented to the chess playing public. Speelman beats Kasparov (1989)
  • DVD Two: Short beats Kasparov I (1987), Short beats Kasparov II (1987)
  • Running time: 2 hours +
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    DVD Set of Two

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