Chess DVD Ready-Steady-Go – Andrew Martin




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This product from Chess Baron: A comprehensive and entertaining approach for learning the game of chess. In less than 3 hours, International Master Andrew martin shows you all you need to become a proficient player. You will learn how to play chess quickly and efficiently.
Split into 18 chapters
1. The Board
2. The Pieces
3. The Pawns
4. Practice games
5. Piece Values
6. Capturing
7. Chess Notation
8. Checking
9. Checkmates
10. Special Rules
11. Basic Tactics
12. Attack & Defense
13. Basic Strategy
14. Opening Survey
15. The Endgame
16. Advanced Tips
17. Sample Games
18. Closing Remarks
Note: This product is not regioned. So can be played by all DVD players worldwide

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DVD 2 hours 15 minutes

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