Utopian Dream in Bud Rosewood – 5.5 inches Chess Set




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This product from Chess Baron: New Design! They say chess is a game of war and it’s never more evident than with this solid design. Beatifully carved from the finest Bud Rosewood, the hefty pieces have a real presence on the board. The well rounded top on the King is graceful, yet the detail in the body of each piece emphasizes the grain in the wood. Your king will be well protected by the sheer weight of the pieces, although the knight appears to be able to fly loyally to his aid. Even the pawns are not to be laughed at. Fashioned with black leather bottoms, these pieces need a board with 2 inch squares or larger. This set comes with double queens. Let slip the dogs of war!
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King: Height 5.5 inch. Base Dia 1.75 inch. Weighted at 4oz (114g)

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