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    Ebony and Acacia Solid Chess Board 2″ Squares (B8036)

    Contemporary design solid chess board made in Ebony (the dark squares) and Acacia (the lighter squares).  Ebony is the most traditional in chess woods. The absence of a border means the overall width can be kept small (smaller coffee tables, etc.), but the square size still ...

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    Ebony Chess Board with 2in Squares – Gloss (B2079)

    New! Beautiful solid Ebony chess board with robust gloss finish. The board has a stunning outer rosewood edge. Perfect for ebony chess pieces to sit proudly on its surface. Also excellent for rosewood or red pieces. An inch thick, weighing 3.5kg ...

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    Official FIDE World Championship Chess Set (X2077)

    NEW! Uniquely designed for the World Chess Championship, and adopted by the Mozart of chess - Magnus Carlsen, this Official FIDE chess design has all the hallmarks of excellence of design one expects in a luxury set. With a contemporary atmosphere, the FIDE ebonised design ...

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    Limited Edition – The Ezekiel Chess Pieces in Ebony (X2071)

    Copyright Number with the UK Copyright Service: 281656451.
    NEW and Limited Edition! In Grade One ebony, the Ezekiel set of chess pieces is a wonderful and beautiful example of the very best in chess design. As is often the case, our eyes are drawn to the knight with it's ...

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    The Montreal Chess Set in Ebony (X2076)

    NEW! If you prefer a dramatic expression of Staunton but want to stay within the general corral, here's a superb design that has almost every piece straining at the staunton guidelines, yet not trespassing beyond. The knight looks like it's caught in a very windy ...

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