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    Lotus Carved in Bud Rosewood Chess Set (M2021)

    Now these are truly delightful chess pieces. With a design based on Lotus flower leaves, the King and Queens look little flowers about to bud while the Rook's leaves form an open flower. If you feel a bit 'zen' when you sit down to a game of chess, then this set may be right ...

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    King Edward 3 inch King Triple Weight Budrose Staunton Chess Pieces (M2037)

    A wonderful smaller high quality chess set. Great detail on the knight showing high quality of workmanship in carving. This Jaques style comes in three King sizes, the 4 inch and the 5 inch. For lovers of Staunton this set has no equal in it's size and quality. The wood is ...

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    The Oxford – Bud Rosewood Triple Weight Chess Set (X9010)

    Unique Single Set Only - created for ChessBaron as a single set to encourage price appreciation within a short time. The Oxford is a Triple weight redwood chess set made in Grade 1 Bud Rosewood - a precious and controlled wood source. Full size King, leather bases. The set ...

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    The Milan Chess Set in Bud Rosewood (X3084)

    NEW! A dramatic and bold strike at a staunton chess design in Bud Rosewood using light and space that may be the best we've ever seen. A beautiful knight with superb detail and flair of expression. Parts of the horses mane straying over the face have a distinctly Italian ...

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