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    Sheesham Folding Chess Board with 1.5 inch Squares (B2001)

    Please note that this product is genuine sheesham wood, NOT veneer. It is a fine example of genuine wood chess boards. It has 1.5 inch squares and is rustic in nature. The convenience of folding the chess board doesn't have to detract from the quality and doesn't do so with ...

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    Ebony and Acacia Solid Chess Board 2″ Squares (B8036)

    Contemporary design solid chess board made in Ebony (the dark squares) and Acacia (the lighter squares).  Ebony is the most traditional in chess woods. The absence of a border means the overall width can be kept small (smaller coffee tables, etc.), but the square size still ...

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    High Quality Flat Chess Board in Solid Sheesham with 2.2 inch Squares (B1004)

    Another in our series of non-veneer chess boards - this excellent 2 and a bit inch flat board is a superb solid wood product suitable for any of our economy and mid-range chess sets. A chess board with a superb finish, and solid sheesham wood too.

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    Solid Sheesham Luxury Chess Board with 2 inch Squares (B2003)

    A two inch squares version of this excellent distinctive chess board in genuine and solid sheesham wood - not veneer, this is solid sheesham! Very good quality thick and heavy chess board with superb rounded corners and edges. A traditional look and feel for this excellent ...

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    Superb BONE Chess Board – Black and White 1.9 inch Squares (B4003)

    A pure bone colonial style board made for bone and metal sets. This board is very heavy and looks superb with it's detailed bone material. Some bone chess pieces don't quite look right on wooden boards, so we've produced this style of board made in the same material as the ...

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    Coral and Red Marble Chess Set with Marble Board (M2090)

    16 inch Solid Marble chess set with pieces, board and case all included. An executive range of our Marble chess, where detail and quality are the hallmarks. Beauty and elegance may also be suitable adjectives. It has quality, symmetry, art and general beauty as further ...

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    Marina and Boticini Black Marble Chess Set with Marble Board (M2092)

    16 inch solid Marble chess set with pieces, board and case all included. This new design to the ChessBaron inventory is outstanding in beauty and art. Please look at the detail of the pieces - this is not a conventional marble chess set - it is a carefully and expertly ...

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    Ebony Chess Board with 2in Squares – Gloss (B2079)

    New! Beautiful solid Ebony chess board with robust gloss finish. The board has a stunning outer rosewood edge. Perfect for ebony chess pieces to sit proudly on its surface. Also excellent for rosewood or red pieces. An inch thick, weighing 3.5kg ...

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