Padauk and Maple Solid Chess Board 2″ Squares




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Contemporary design solid chess board made in maple (the light squares) and padauk (the dark squares). Padauk is the new Bud Rosewood and brought into the chess  furniture market because of the shortage of Bud Rosewood, also know as redwood or budrose. The colour of padauk is a delightful reddish brown that has elements of black too. It is superb for any brown pieces such as sheesham, acacia or rosewood, but also – in the classic red-black natural match – good for ebony chess pieces too. The borderless nature (minimalist, in artistic terms) means a good individual square size of 2″ isn’t too large to fit on that smaller coffee table.

Squares are 2″, the board is 16″ wide.


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2" Squares. 16" Total Width. Weight 4kg

Material: Padauk. Maple. Solid Wood

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