Manopoulos Backgammon – in Walnut with Wenge and Oak Points – 60cm




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This Backgammon product from ChessBaron: Stunning walnut Manopoulos Backgammon with Wenge and Oak points to enhance. Beautiful colours for the cabinet and playing surface, an eye-catching Backgammon set from a thoroughbred in Greece – a recognised master. The cabinet feels solid and very high quality. The set includes dice and doubling cube, and outstanding mother-of-pearl effect stones. The cabinet is a high quality Walnut board with Walnut playing surface with Wenge and Oak points. It measures 60cm x 47 cm when open. Because we know you care – we care, Buy peace of mind. Buy ChessBaron Backgammon (See! It rhymes).


60cm (24in) x 47cm (19in). Walnut. Wenge and Oak Points

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