Fred Wilson, Bruce Alberston – 200 Capture Mates




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This product from Chess Baron: Good for beginners and players who want to advance their chess skills, this great learning tool and fun book challenges you to solve the puzzles and find checkmate in 200 unique situations. You’ll be using capture mates – a chess term for taking an opponents piece and winning at the same time – to accomplish each of these victories. The first 100 of these are one move mates. Find the right move, checkmate the king, and you win! The second 100 puzzles are more challenging. These are two-move mates. You make a move that captures a piece or a pawn, your opponent makes a forced reply and then you swoop in for the kill. You will learn to use every piece on the chess board to find the mates, and to keep the puzzles interesting, we’ve tossed in a few tricky mates as well! Can you find the solutions? Get ready for lots of fun, lots of challenges, and a great way to become a better chess player!
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