American Staunton with 4in King Chess Set





This product from Chess Baron: Who’a, there! Just look on the teeth on those Knights! That there ain’t no grin ma’am, they mean business. Here comes the Calvary!
With nashing teeth and luxurious manes, these resplendent Knights clearly show the loving detail put into these American Staunton design pieces. Look at the Bishop which has a fluted carving around his head while the Castles have turrets.
With the King a generous 4 inches high, this chess set requires a board with a 1.75 inch square or greater. Made of Sheesham and Chidar wood, as John Wayne said, “A horse is a horse, it aint make a difference what colour it is.”
Note: Board not included – this is a separate purchase.
Chess Baron Chess Sets: Because we know you care – we care. Buy Peace of mind – Buy Chess Baron.


Full Size, 4" King, 1.6" Dia King, Double Weighted, Sheesham

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