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    Compact Magnetic Travel Chess Set (E2008)

    A 7in magnetic travel chess set with high quality pieces and standard of finish. No veneer - all solid wood. Whether for home, office lunch hour (does anyone have lunch hours anymore?) that cheap flight or maybe on that long train commute, this set is all you need to ...

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    Contemporary Modern Chess Set (E2003)

    Whether you are in a converted warehouse in London or just a devotee of minimalism, this modern set is just the right chess set for you. Its clean lines provide a contemporary appeal that won't ruin your metro image by your admission that you actually do love to play ...

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    Cute Staunton Double Weighted Chess Pieces (E2006)

    Excellent weighted set of chess pieces with a 3.5in King. If you have ever wanted to be a knight in shining armour or just wished one would gallop up one day, this chess set's knight might not be the one for you? Surprised? Why? Well this one is just too cute for ...

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    American Staunton with 4in King Chess Set (E2010)

    Who'a, there! Just look on the teeth on those Knights! That there ain't no grin ma'am, they mean business. Here comes the Calvary!
    With nashing teeth and luxurious manes, these resplendent Knights clearly show the loving detail put into these American Staunton design ...

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  • Acacia Combination 12 inch Chess Set – Malaysia (E3016)

    This is a wonderful chess set for travel - especially if you plan to go as far as the antipodes since the magnetic pieces of this set can stand on their heads. No joke! Chess is a serious game after all and this is a set for the serious traveller, wherever you're headed.

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    Large Rosewood Magnetic 14 inch Chess Set (M2095)

    Magnificent combination Large Chess Set with pieces along with board. Magnetic to stay in place, even with an upside down board. The pieces of the chess set are well made with good detail in the design. The chess set measures 7 inches by 14 inches and has very high quality ...

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