Contemporary Modern Chess Set – Grey and Silver




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Whether you are in a converted warehouse in London or just a devotee of minimalism, this modern Grey and Silver set may be just the right chess set for you. Its clean lines provide a contemporary appeal that won’t ruin your metro image by your admission that you actually do love to play chess (and if you don’t, it makes a fabulous designer note!)
This set is made from boxwood and colour lacquered. Its Staunton based design, which is easily detected in its smooth lines, is particularly noticeable in the attractive Knight. The height of the King is 3 inches (approximately 7.5 cm). With a base diameter of 1 inch (just under 2.5 cm), they fit a board square size of 1.3 inches (~3.75 cm) or greater.



King Height 3 inch. Base Diameter 1 inch. Standard Weighted 14g.

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